Hi I’m Sergio, I write about motivating household well-being through data and information.

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What is household well-being? Can it be measured? How does it change in our day-to-day and which are the factors to help improve it over time? Will picking the right neighborhood improve our well-being? How about spending more time at the dinner table? Or what if we rethink how to cope with seasonal allergies?

Since 2013, I have been observing and quantifying my family’s well-being across spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual and financial dimensions. This is allowing us to strive for improvements in our workouts, sleep, nutrition, mood, finances, learning, projects, health and more across periods of major change like our daughter’s birth, the onset of illness, buying a new home and even a once-in-a-lifetime (we hope) pandemic!

“Unleashing our inner data” has given us a unique perspective on well-being that I am now sharing to help you improve the things that matter in your life too.

Join me as I unleash our inner data to revitalize household well-being. #n-of-household #quantifed-self #quantified-family

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